Travelmate App

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The app I have designed was created with the goal of teaching university students important skills in assessing team skills and considering budgets. By using a simulation of a naturalistic expedition as a context, the app provides students with the opportunity to form teams and participate in an engaging adventure.

During the simulation experience, students will be challenged to form well-balanced teams, considering the specific skills required to navigate various situations during the expedition. They will need to carefully evaluate the expertise in biology, geology, ecology, and other nature-related disciplines to maximize the chances of success.

Furthermore, the app encourages students to make decisions based on prudent team budget management. They will be prompted to make strategic choices regarding equipment, resources, and travel options, taking financial limitations into account.

Through this realistic simulation, students will gain hands-on understanding of how to assess team members’ skills and consider the available budgets to optimize overall performance. The app will provide feedback and performance indicators to encourage students to reflect on their choices and improve over time.

The ultimate goal of the app is to provide students with an interactive and engaging platform to develop team assessment and management skills, preparing them for future challenges in the academic and professional realms.

Through the simulation of a naturalistic expedition, the app will offer an exciting context for learning and personal growth, equipping students with a solid foundation in assessing team skills and considering budgets in a simulated yet realistic environment.