Melesi Rebranding

Revitalizing Identity, Inspiring Confidence: The Melesi Logo Reimagined for Modern Success.

The main objective of this project was to transform the company’s image with a fresh, modern, and captivating logo.

The new Melesi logo represents the company’s evolution and growth while maintaining strong roots in its heritage. I developed the logo to reflect the core values of the company, such as excellence, innovation, and reliability.

The central element of the new logo is the distinctive icon that symbolizes the company’s unique identity. I carefully crafted this icon to capture the essence of Melesi’s primary activity and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers.

I chose vibrant and lively colors for the new logo to convey energy, dynamism, and vitality. The color combination was carefully selected to create visual balance and ensure good legibility across various applications.

In addition to the main logo, I also created a reduced version and an icon that can be used in different contexts and sizes while maintaining a consistent visual identity.

The process of rebranding the Melesi logo was an opportunity for the company to reflect on its identity and create a new image that reflects its values and ambitions. The new logo represents a step forward in establishing the company’s presence in the market and its ability to adapt to the evolving needs of customers in a changing world.

I am excited to present the result of this rebranding project, and I believe that the new Melesi logo will bring a fresh vitality and a renewed sense of professionalism to the company.