Creative director ~ UI/UX specialist ~ Graphic and web designer

20 years of experience in art, design and creative direction in digital and traditional agencies not only as a visual strategy, layout developer, brand designer, UI/UX expert but also as a design team leader to transform a concept into a creative product for effective marketing success. I've always been very fortunate to work, manage and be managed by amazing, super skilled people throughout my career, so, I know, there is no success unless it's a team success.

My last Experiences

  • martedìMar20FebbraioFeb20240900AM

    Founder and owner

    BEADV ~ Communication Agency

  • domenicaDom01OttobreOtt20170900AMgiovedìGio28SettembreSet20231800PM

    Digital art director ~ UI/UX Designer ~ Product expert

    Voome Networks ~ Digital Agency ~ Viale Lombardia, 51/53 | 20861 Brugherio (IT – MB)

    Art direction: I am the creative team manager, responsible for the UI of all the clients projects.

    UI/UX Designer: I’ve designed the user interfaca and

    Frontend Developer: I am the expert of the digital products, so I deal with both pre-sales, training and assistance for users

  • lunedìLun01LuglioLug20130900AMdomenicaDom01GennaioGen20171800PM

    Digital art director ~ Frontend developer

    Vita S.p.a. ~ Web digital agency unit (K-Group) ~ Via dei Missaglia 89, 20142 Milano (IT – MI)

    Art direction: I was one of the two creative of the agency, responsible for the UI of the clients projects.

    Frontend Developer: I was the person in charge of the frontend development of the projects.

Skills softwares and technologies

  • Creative

    • Sketch

    • Figma

    • Canva

    • Adobe Suite

      Adobe Suite
  • Management

    • Trello

    • Slack

    • Hubspot

    • Asana

  • Web design

    • Css – Less – Sass

      Css – Less – Sass
    • Jquery

    • Vue js 3

      Vue js 3
    • HTML 5

      HTML 5